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African Mango Diet Confirmed: “The Seeds of This Exotic Fruit Suppresses Leptin Production To FORCE You to Lose Weight.”

African Mango Diet Confirmed: “The Seeds of This Exotic Fruit Suppresses Leptin Production To FORCE You to Lose Weight.”

When was the last time you blamed your inability to control your appetite and unwillingness to exercise on a hormone?

Never, am I right? You have always been told that being overweight, and your inability to keep weight off, is all your fault.

Wagging fingers have always been directed at people with weight problems. They’re been accused of being gluttons. They don’t want to exercise because they’re not motivated. They’re accused of not wanting to be thin badly enough. People accuse them of being fat because they’re not willing to stick with a diet.

Sounds Familiar, Right?

If you’re overweight you’ve heard these accusations and more. But they don’t explain why it’s so hard to lose weight. The truth is, obesity is far more complicated than most people understand, and real biological causes are to blame.

Did you know the origins of obesity are generally hormonal, and it all begins with leptin in your stomach? Let’s talk about leptin, the hormone which is your biggest enemy.

Leptin, The Fat Gatherer

Leptin has been around since the day mankind was invented. Have you heard of it? Most likely you haven’t. Few people are aware of leptin, what it does and why.

A long time ago, leptin had an important job of protecting human survival. Now it plays a big part in creating and sustaining weight problems. It exists to stimulate your appetite and protect you against starvation in case of famine. But you’re not in danger of starving, and neither am I. This is why leptin production in your stomach can in fact, hurt you.

Leptin’s job in your body is to increase your appetite for calorie-rich foods and slow your metabolism in order to keep your fat reserves high in case of famine. This once-useful hormone made us want to eat as much as we could so that we stayed well-nourished during prehistoric times when food sources were uncertain.

This is why you lose control at buffets, and you’re drawn to foods high in carbs and fats. Leptin is motivating you to “supersize” your meal, continue eating when you’ve had enough and to constantly break your diet when you’re desperately trying to lose weight.

You are not a hunter-gatherer, and food is abundant for most people. As a result, this “protective” effect is not so useful anymore, is it? Hunger pangs and overeating is a very normal response to the sight, smell and mention of food, stimulated by leptin. Fortunately, you can do something about what nature has in store.

African Mango Strikes Back At Leptin

Now that you know leptin is nature’s natural appetite booster, it’s good to know that nature also has an natural solution to modern obesity: This helper is called Irvingia Gabonensis, more commonly known as the African Mango.

This delicious variety of mango is native to West Africa, and it has been popular for centuries as a food staple. Two-hundred years ago African Mango was a used to feed the Nigerian Benin army, and tribes from around that area valued it as a high quality food. Aside from its great taste, African Mango has been used for it’s many medicinal purposes, high nutritional value and fiber content.

Little did they know that a ingredient in the seeds of Irvingia Gabonensis has a potent leptin-suppressant that can help you lose weight.

That’s right. A chemical found in the big “hairy” seeds of this particular mango variety has been clinically proven to reverse leptin’s effects on the stomach. The pit of this tangy orange fruit can help dull your appetite and help you lose weight.

The Potent Fat-Busting Seed At Work

It’s not just obesity that’s bad for you. Dieting itself takes a toll on the body when weight is lost and regained. Over and over again.

Want to keep off the weight you’ve lost? Too bad. Leptin sets you up for failure by stimulating your appetite. Remember: it’s a “survival” thing.

Dieting signals to your body that food is scares, and it responds by stimulating the production of leptin in your stomach. The result is a very hearty appetite for high calorie foods in great quantities. This is why so many dieters regain the weight they lost. (Binge eating, anyone?)

But there’s help! – Lose weight permanently and safely with help from African Mango Lean Supplement, with the leptin-suppressing extract in the seeds. Taken as a supplement before meals, African Mango has remarkable weight-loss effects that exceed many pharmaceutical drugs.

Because African Mango Lean Supplement it loaded with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and Omega oils, the supplement is actually a good nutritious food that you consume twice daily to lose weight.

African Mango Extract and Scientific Studies

The weight loss effects of the African Mango was the topic of a controlled study with 102 people who were struggling with weight loss. The amazing results were reported in the medical journal “Lipids in Health and Disease.”

Half of the test subjects took African Mango seed supplements (150 mg twice daily), and the other half were given a placebo. Those taking African Mango supplements were clinically shown to have much greater weight loss, waist size reduction and body-wide fat loss than the subjects taking the placebo.

In addition to reducing dangerous belly fat, African Mango supplement had these remarkable benefits:

  • Increased metabolism to burn more fat
  • African Mango reduced appetite and hunger pangs
  • Increased energy and mental focus
  • Controlled stomach leptin secretion and food cravings
  • Eased diabetes and blood sugar levels
  • Was proven safe for use in long-term weight reduction

How Much Weight Do You Want To Lose?

There’s a value-priced package of Healthier African Mango that can help you lose as much weight as you want!

Lose 10 pounds and 2 to four inches of dangerous belly fat with the 60-day supply (2 bottles).

Lose 3 to 7 pounds and 1 to two inches with the 1-bottle, 30-day supply.

Healthier Brands is offering a FREE bottle of Healthier Super Colon Cleanse to cleanse your pipes and detox your system. Healthier Super Colon Cleanse helps your plumbing work in perfect harmony with African Mango Lean Supplement. It ships FREE with these African Mango supplement packages:

The 3-bottle, 90-day supply of African Mango Lean Supplement to lose 15 pounds and 4 to 6 inches of belly fat.

Lose 20 pounds and 5 to 7 inches of belly fat with the 4-bottle, 120-day supply.

But That’s Not All!

If you order Healthier African Mango within the next 24 hours, you will receive – at no additional charge – FREE access to the “Healthier Private Download Vault.” This exclusive download area is a private vault of weight loss, nutritional and exercise and health guides that reveal professionals’ secrets of eating and exercising strategically to lose weight and keep it off.

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African Mango Lean Supplement is a blend of African Mango extract, Maqui Berry, Acai Fruit, Green Tea, Grapefruit and other natural ingredients. As a dietary supplement and appetite suppressant,, take two tablets daily to:

  • Reduce appetite and irritability
  • Flatten your belly, and lose inches around your waist
  • Reduce fat in stubborn areas
  • Stop cravings of fatty and high-carb foods
  • Lower your cholesterol and blood pressure

According to consumer and Better Business ratings, the Healthier African Mango is considered one of the most effective and trustworthy, with laboratory tests certifying the product’s potency and quality.

What’s more, each an every order of Healthier Brands African Mango is a one-time-only transaction. In other words, there are absolutely no reoccurring charges or hidden offers.
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  1. Sammy1021 - Reply

    I heard about African Mango on the Dr. Oz show. There has been a lot of hype about it so I deicided to try it out. I’ve been on it for about 2 weeks and I do feel more energy and less cravings. Has anyone been on it for longer than that and seen weight loss and improvement in your energy level?

  2. Joyce - Reply

    Yes, I take it daily and I’ve noticed an increase in my mood and energy level. I also take B-12, fish oil and a multi-vitamin so I’m not sure if it is that specific combination that is helping also. I’ve been taking African Mango for 4 months now and I’ve lost 20 pounds. I didn’t have much weight to lose but this did the job. Hope that helps!

    • Rachel - Reply

      Hi Joyce, Did you change anything about your diet and exercise or simply start taking the supplement? I’ve just started taking African mango a couple days ago because, like you, I have only a little to lose but with eating healthy and exercising I am not really losing weight. Also, did you take one at lunch and dinner? Thanks!!!

      • Joyce - Reply

        Hi Rachel, I just stepped up my gym routine and did 10 more minutes of cardio each time (I normally do 20 minutes and I started doing 30 minutes). I dropped fried foods and sodas from my diet and just tried to eat as much fresh foods as I can. That was about all I did and I am very happy with m y weight loss. Best of luck to you!

  3. Nicole - Reply

    I too am stuggling with the pesky pounds that make my lovely Costco Muffin Top. Since I turned 35 diet and exercise aren’t doing what they used. I’m getting a bottle of Aftrican Mango and if all it does is boost my energy that’s okay.

  4. Linda - Reply

    I started taking the African Mango around the end of March 2012.. My beginning weight was 179 and I now weigh 132. No change in eating or excerise. Feel great!! Will probably start taking it every other day just to maintain my current weight.

  5. beth - Reply

    African Mango is not just all hype. It really works with it’s antioxidant properties and it’s ability to speed up your metabolism. The articles I’ve read say that it really helps with suppressing your appetite. I’m sure we will all hear much more about it in the future as it is featured more on TV shows.

  6. Tom - Reply

    Which works better for these, pills or capsules? I’ve found both online in my searches.

  7. Anne - Reply

    the capsules work better because your body is able to absorb it faster. just look for the highest concentration of it in a capsule and you will be good.

  8. Leonard - Reply

    I’m starting to hear more about African Mango and one of my co-workers just lost 10 pounds on it. Thinking about giving it a try…

  9. JP - Reply

    You should give it a try. I’ve had success with it but I know each person is different but it’s definitely worth a try!

  10. Matt - Reply

    When I was on the African Mango diet, I was so surprised by how my appetite was suppressed. I’m a meat and potatoes guy and I love burgers and fries so I was really nervous about not being able to lose any weight. After 3 days of taking the pills, I noticed I had more energy and I didn’t crave bacon and hash browns in the morning (my wife is a great cook and she always make a huge breakfast- maybe that’s why I gained all of this weight) I was able to go through my day and not feel hungry all the time like I did before. I even started eating healthier, like grilled chicken and some salads and I was also able to cut sodas out. I took it for 2 months and lost 40 pounds. I am very happy with the results and I continue to take 1 capsule a day for the extra energy. This diet really made me realize that I needed to make changes in my life and I am much healthier now after I tried it. My wife is actually going to start on it too so we will both continue this healthier lifestyle.

    • Georgia - Reply

      I am happy to hear how great this worked for you. I am looking to lose 40 pounds. Please tell me how many pills a day and when is the best time to take them…I just got my bottle is starting tomorrow. Hope it works for me

      • Matt - Reply

        Hi Georgia, the instructions said to take 2 capsules a day. I split mine up and took 1 capsule first thing in the morning (6 AM for me) and then 1 before lunchtime (11:30 AM) I found that taking it before lunch really helped me to eat less at lunch and I wasn’t hungry all day like I used to be. Hope that was helpful to you.

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