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Mission Statement

Healthier Lifestyle Central Mission Statement:

Healthier Lifestyle Central is all about making the healthy choices that will allow you to live right, and our goal is to provide readers with everything they need to know about those healthy choices.

It can be hard to keep up with the daily struggle that is living right, but we provide encouragement and motivation to those that are fighting the good fight to stay in shape and get healthy.

You may not always know what you need to do to keep living the healthy way, but we provide you with the information that will help you to take care of your body.

Healthier Lifestyle Central Code:

Code #1: I will avoid anything that will do more harm than good – Smoking, drinking in excess, eating processed sugars, and overeating are all things that will speed up the natural decay of your body. You’re already fighting an uphill struggle in order to improve your health rather than just stopping the natural tendency of nature to decay, so avoid things that make the battle harder.

Code #2: I will do whatever it takes to be more active – It can be hard to get exercise, but being active is not quite the same. It will be much easier for you to climb the stairs, cycle to work, walk across a parking lot, and spend more time outdoors even if you don’t have time to get more solid exercise.

Code #3: I will make exercise my first priority in life for 365 days– Your kids are important, your family is important, and your work is important, but your health is the most important thing. If you make exercise a priority for one year, you will find that you will be able to enjoy the other things more due to your improved health.

Code #4: I will go healthy even if it’s harder – All of your favorite foods are probably going to do more harm than good, but all of the healthier foods will be near the bottom of your favorites list. It’s going to be hard to eat the healthy food and make the healthy choices, but that’s what you’re going to have to do in order to be healthy.

Code #5: I will balance out my life in every way – Having a balance in your diet is just one of the ways to improve the balance in your life, and you should make an effort to balance out your personal versus family life, your work versus relaxation time, and your personal growth versus your entertainment.

Code #6: I will make sure I am constantly improving my health in small ways – You don’t have to lose 20 pounds in 3 days in order to be healthy, but making the small decisions that will help to improve your life in small ways every day will be the key to your success.

Code #7: I will focus on the healthy things to the exclusion of other things – Sleeping more at night may mean that you won’t be able to party, but it’s important to sleep enough at night in order to be healthy. You may not enjoy the life changes that you will have to make in order to be healthy, but doing them will go a long way towards improved health!

Code #8: I will stimulate myself in every way – Physical stimulation via exercise is just one important part of a healthy life, but mental stimulation via learning, reading, and studying will be as essential as sexual stimulation and spiritual stimulation.

Code #9: I will get help in the areas where I will need it – You may not be able to do whatever it takes to be healthy, but you can enlist the aid of your family and friends to make it possible. Doing so will make it much easier for you!

Code #10: I will visit professionals for help with my health – Regular visits to the dentist will keep your mouth in good condition, and a yearly physical can help to catch high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other health problems before they become a problem.

Our code is more than just something that we try to follow – it’s a way of life. The Healthier Lifestyle Central Code will equip you to be the healthiest person that you can be, and will ensure that you are improving your health rather than just dealing with the various health issues that tend to arise when you let your body go uncared for.